Posted by: pickmeupbook | January 11, 2008

5 p.m – Hello World!!!

A group of us have spontaneously decided to write a book within the next 24 HOURS!!

Starting from 2pm, 11th January 2008 on one of our exciting gatherings, (with some interesting ideas being thrown about), the idea of writing a COMPLETE book with 36 inspirational stories about how our lives are forever changed seemed too irresistible to put aside.

Therefore after 3 hours of planning (and lunch ^_^ ) we commenced the production of this book at 1700 hours. An accompanying real life video of our journey through this creation would be posted alongside this website!

So before I continue, you must be wondering: Why the **** would we want to do something so crazy like this?! Completing a book in 24 hours??!! Impossible! The experiences in our minds, translating those stories into words, calling past graduates and getting their life experience, sieving through the word junk by the editorial team, selecting the good ones, editing the grammar and vocabulary, creating a website to share the experiences, camera, video camera, white boards, computers, projectors, logistics, blogging it down, the time and effort by everyone, all and all to be done in 24 HOURS?!

We do not know if we can really make it happen but we’ll find out soon enough

Stay tuned to find out why, and check out our progress…


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