Posted by: pickmeupbook | January 12, 2008

8.07am: 5 Hours straight

The couple of us took the midnight shift and lasted through the graveyard hours of the night. It was much harder than we thought and we saw some of our guys one by one start to fall asleep in front of their laptops. It was a lot of editing, a lot of marketing strategies, email blasts, msn blasts.

You can liken it to a war. A war against time. However, at 5am, we got into a crisis (of all times!). The marketing team and production team was out of alignment and we had a 1-odd hour brainstorming, objections handling, crisis management session. Soon was up front holding the group together while some of the people brought up their disagreements and some were, well falling asleep. But luckily, after a few head bashing arguments, we managed to break through and we were on our way to the book again!

We are currently churning out the last few drafts of the stories and re-editing them to the new theme. And our book cover is finally up! Courtesy of Gobbs!

It looks amazing, and it is even more amazing when you see the bits and pieces start to  come together. Have a look yeah 🙂

Pick Me Up Book cover


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