Posted by: pickmeupbook | January 12, 2008

Lai Cheng’s feelings for this 24 hours

So how was the whole adventure like for you for the past 23 ++ hours?


I first heard that a book is to be completed within 24 hours, I was gusted.  In my mind I was thinking ‘Oh my, a book to be completed in 24 hours!  How could that be! it’s impossible! …..”  Many many questions started flashing across my mind, non-stop, at the same time, getting more exited as the conversations ran in my head.


I join the team hours later, the first thing when I stepped into ECI workplace, an always empty or workshop styled classroom has been turned into a room fully occupied with workstations for everyone, each with a laptop in front.  You could not believe that it’s actually a classroom if you have not been there before.  Everyone was so engrossed in their own space.


Relating the full experience of how I decided to sign up for the course, going through it for 3 full days and weekly classroom sessions for 7  weeks, it’s worth the effort in terms of the results that I’ve got out of the program.  Recalling the work suddenly makes me understand what I’ve gotten out of the course that I’ve gone through.  Although I’ve assisted since 12.30 am the previous night, but the excitement in the project keeps my energy burning and I’m really exictcoi makes me realized ikskruoo=full of working where everyone was sitting side by side you see so many laptops set  


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