Posted by: pickmeupbook | January 12, 2008

Richard’s thoughts and feelings for the past 24 hours

And as Richard goes…. 


It was an experience that testified to the fact that when I set my mind on anything to be achieved, individually or as a team, it can be materialized, and the more challenging the goals are, the more acute your senses be attuned towards achieving it.


In the last 24 hours of embarking on the e-book project as a team member, before my eyes, I am already seeing orders of our e-book coming in even before the official launching want me to contribute, write, edit and then publish an e-book in 24 hrs! You must be crazy!” This is what I thought when Jada told me on 11th Jan, 6pm. I am already 1 hr behind time and want to make it happen with the rest of the team no matter what!


In the past 24-hrs, we saw how everyone was aligned and 110% focused on the task at hand. We were serving each other food and we were being served to keep our morale high. The team, regardless of their own daily tasks to hand, put aside everything and is single-minded about accomplishing this task.


I am sure this book will be valuable to someone who has questions about their life and about what it can be like at the next level. I sincerely hope to take a plunge and find out for yourself.of the e-book.  It is definitely very enlightening and motivating for me to see myself and the team being forwarded towards greater achievements.



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