Posted by: pickmeupbook | January 13, 2008

[11:10pm] Testimonials never fails to bring a smile to your face




Before I met Master Coach Kelvin Lim, I was a stubborn, selfish person living in my own world. Life and work were terrible; each day was like an emotional rollercoaster ride. As fate would have it, I met Kelvin who brought me to see my true self and the reality of things, bringing clarity into my life. I finally understood the cause of effect of my life’s ups and downs, and what is love and harmony. I love you my teacher, for without you, my life would not have a new beginning.

Li Guan Cheng, China

Chairman, solid fuel manufacturing company






I am one of Kelvin’s earliest students in China. I have attended both level 1 and 2 of his transformational coaching programs, which gave me the inspiration to positively impact my family, career and life as a whole. Under his guidance, my company grew from a modest RMB1-2 million enterprise to become a holding company worth over RMB100 million.


His programs may appear simple but they run deep. I was reawakened to my inner calling, which allowed me to unleash my full potential and become more effective in various areas of my life. This clarity brought forth a new found freedom in not just space and time, but most importantly, of my heart and soul.


His lessons also allowed me to understand how the world ticks, giving me the self-awareness to interact with people in a constructive and harmonious manner, paving the way to reach my next level in personal development. With this, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for the help that my coach has given me.

Wang Yong Jun, China

Managing Director of a property company


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