Posted by: pickmeupbook | January 13, 2008

[2:40pm] Madhouse or Powerhouse?

You should see it for yourself. The PickMeUpBook Team is driving this project like crazy!

[2:20pm] A blog comment that brightens our day, “Hi, this is Marcel, a reporter from My Paper. We’re interested in doing a story about you guys. Do give me a call today at 6319 5257. Thanks.”

OMG!!! We’re so freaking thrilled!!!

[2:37pm] When everyone was so caught up with what they are doing, Kelvin-the-commander reminded us again, “We’re going against the grain of the world. No one is going to believe you. No one is going to think that you’ll succeed. So PUSH IT!”

So you can imagine… the team is pushing like mad… and keep doing the critical actions…

We want to MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

Your friendly blogger,



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