Posted by: pickmeupbook | January 13, 2008

[5:00pm] The World knows…

This is so exciting!

Now, we’ve our Public Relations Team working on local media coverage and contacting 200 overseas media to ensure that the world knows about us.

We’re also featured on The 24 Hour Challenge. Check this out –

Hehe! =P

As we are slogging our *** off, here’re a few ways you could support us in:

  • Spread the word – Tell all your friends about the Pick Me Up Book and MISSION, and tell your friends to tell their friends and so on.
  • Buy the BOOK -Help us bring the message to the world that dreams can become reality as you support us in achieving our 10,000 book sales
  • Show us your support – Drop us a comment, email, sms, testimonial etc to show us that you’re supporting us all the way!
  • Give us your support – If you know of anyone whom can bring us closer to turning our dreams into reality, contact us straight away! If you would like to be part of the team that turns dreams into reality, let us know! =)

We can be reached at


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