Posted by: pickmeupbook | January 14, 2008

[10:10pm] Mediacorp is watching, and so are you…

This is so exciting!!

After the interview with Channelnewsasia, Mediacorp got us featured on Channel 5, Channel 8, Channel U, Channelnewsasia and Suria. OMG!
Here’s the link to read the article written by Channelnewsasia 

The interesting part is, we’ve got other bloggers blogging about this exciting news and spreading the word for us. This is so cool! Read this article by Rajesh Setty: 

Thank you guys, for supporting us! =)

Again, I’ll like to urge everyone to start buying more copies of the book.

Our target is 10,000 within the next 72 hours.

Currently, we’ve yet to cross our 1K mark.

Is this project challenging? Of course!

Is this project impossible? I don’t think so!

All it takes is a little contribution from everyone.

All it takes is for you to start believing that dreams do come true.

All it takes is for you to start a little spark before we create a wild fire together.

C’mon guys, let’s Make It Happen! =


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