Posted by: pickmeupbook | January 14, 2008

[1:11pm] The End of a Beginning…

It’s the end of our 24-hour challenge!

Let’s see what we’ve accomplished so far in 1 day:

  • 1 hard copy of Pick Me Up Book
  • Interviewed by Channel NewsAsia
  • Featured in My Paper
  • Radio broadcast on 93.8
  • An internet marketing system that operates by itself
  • An opportunity to change the world
  • Reach out to approximately 5.8 million bloggers
  • Reach out approximately 6 million social network
  • Form a team of PR, online team, editorial team, sales and strategy team
  • Opportunity to work with overseas media

Despite the Pick Me Up team being amateurs in publishing books, and internet marketing, we did our best to make things happen! We had a lot of focus, a good direction to run with and kept our eyes on the ball. Unfortunately, we did not meet our target of 10,000 sales.

As such, to honor our words, we’re extending our time-line by another 72-hour such that we can honor our integrity in making those children’s wishes come true.

This does not mark the end. It merely marks the end of a beginning.

For those whom have bought a copy of the book, may the 42 inspirational stories remind you to be bigger than who you are, and of your possibilities.

For those whom have yet to grab a copy, please get one today! =)


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