Posted by: pickmeupbook | January 14, 2008

[2.30am] Servers finally up and running!

After a gruelling 4 hours, we finally managed to resolve the systems problem and got 2 more domain names. is currently still waiting for DNS servers to propagate. Bah, so much for trying to shift our site to a self hosted one. Then we went on to get,, to cover all grounds.

We are currently coming up with a new marketing campaign to see how else we can drive our sales up. Feel free to drop us any comments or help at any time!

Let’s work together to making this happen. If we pull through this almost impossible task, it will potentially change lives around us.



  1. Great, was waiting for you guys to get the server up before I sent traffic over.

    Here’s an entry I just wrote on your campaign…

    Pushing the Power of Intention and Manifestation to the limit

    To help you guys out, here’s a bonus from me that you can include for people buying your book.

    Yes, I know christmas is over but it’s all about sharing right?

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