Posted by: pickmeupbook | January 14, 2008

[6:00 am] To Give Up Or Keep Fighting When Odds Are Against You?

Time is running short. We’re left with 7 hours!

Just a while ago, we reached a point where almost everyone felt like giving up. Exhaustion, self-doubt and uncertainty “polluted” the space. The room was still and dead quiet. The team’s morale was at its super low point.

We slogged our butts off, put in so much time, effort and energy to make this project fly! We started off with a high spirit, with a victory on our plate and we set out to win. With only close to 3000 hits, could you imagine our utter disappointment?!?

We sacrificed our sleep and put in so much faith at the risk of disappointment. We were so engrossed with our work that we neglected meals. We really wanted a victory badly. We wanted the whole world to know that dreams can become reality, and miracles do happen.

We contacted more than 200 local and international media for our press release. We edited our e-book over and over again to ensure the quality is impeccable enough. We buzzed the social networks of over 6 million network to spread the buzz around.

What took others months and years to accomplish as milestones, we managed to accomplish within this time frame. We pushed for our target, fought hard for our dreams, kept our faith high… until we reached this point.

So ladies and gentlemen, what should we do next? Should we just quit and call off a day?

Should we still fight on in spite of the lack of results?

What would you do if you were in our positions?

Soon asked, “Why do you still go on?”

I thought, “Why not?” There’s no reason why we should give up at this point just because the circumstances looked discouraging. Instead of focusing on our defeat, I’ll rather channel the energy and keep fighting.

*Cheers* The whole team agrees.

C’mon guys, we are not giving up!

Never! We’ll never give up living our dreams no matter what!

Ladies and gentlemen, this global campaign is not just for us, it’s for EVERYONE.

It’s for the FIGHT of POSSIBILITIES. It’s the FIGHT for bringing the message to the whole world that dreams can become reality!

If we give up now, it means we’re telling the whole world to give up on their dreams!


C’mon ladies and gentlemen, I urge ALL OF YOU… Please BUY a copy of the e-book straight away. We still have time! Please do not give up.

Please keep BUYING!

Please keep SPREADING the WORD!

Remember, each book you buy, 20% of the proceeds will go to “Make a Wish Foundation” to help others make their dreams come true.


CLICK buy-now3.jpg !


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