Posted by: pickmeupbook | January 15, 2008

The Start of Our 72-Hour Challenge

After the 24-hour blitz, we really went far and gain a lot of coverage all over the world. Although we didn’t hit our 10,000 sales, we were wiser from our mistakes and stronger from our efforts.

After a day of rest, we decided that we will continue the challenge, if for nothing else, we are doing it for charity. 60% of our proceeds will go to charity, and this will remain our driving force for these 72 hours.

Today, 15th January 2008 2:07pm (+8 PST), Kelvin officially announced the start of the 72 hours. We have the foundations, we have the planning, we will run from here until the final moment to hit the 10,000 sales to make a difference to the world.



  1. “60% of our proceeds will go to charity”

    where is the other 40% go to? to your pockets?

  2. A small portion of the 40% will be used to cover expenses and the remainder will go into setting up a Social Enterprise/Foundation for the less fortunate.

    We don’t profit from this at all, and we’re all contributing our time, energy and skills freely.

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