Posted by: pickmeupbook | January 17, 2008

[11.36pm] When people resist, we persist!

We finally finished a day’s of phone call and we are now doing a completion and summary of what happened today. Action packed, super fast, super crazy. Calls non stop, people calling up corporates, every body else, urging the masses to get the book. Getting the book not because of the book itself, but because of the ideals and cause that it serves.

It is buying into a dream that we are taking into reality. The success of this project really shows that anyone, anybody can achieve their dreams.  And for the kids, everybody’s contribution means helping 1 more child get what they wish for. Some of these kids might not even be able to live till Chinese New Year, hence every minute, every second is essential. It is important. Time cannot be wasted. That’s also one of the driving forces behind doing things in a blitz, in a fast and furious 24 hours, 72 hours time frame, getting maximum results in the minimum amount of time.

We definitely faced a lot of resistance in our quest and journey in getting to where we want to go. But I’m glad we did. The more people resisted, the more we persist! We must break through our own limitations and keep going at this project!

Whee 🙂

Have you bought your book yet?


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