Posted by: pickmeupbook | January 18, 2008

Before we release the results…

I guess you guys would want to know the situation here.

We started out on this project exactly a week ago – write a book in 24 hours, launch it, sell 10,000 copies to raise funds – in 7 days.

In those 7 days,  the core team has been working almost non-stop. The other team members spend their waking time here after work and school. Some even put aside work and class just so that they can help drive this mission.

It came to a point where we:
ate when we needed to (after office hours – office hours were too precious to waste!)

slept when we could afford some time (like, on the throne for instance, or at traffic lights whilst driving)

didn’t shower for days

didn’t change for days (probably including under garments but I’m not verifying anything here)

we were too tired to argue with anyone

we were too tired to cheer when food arrived..

…and yet fight for chocolate rations

we’d catch each other staring into space

we’d hear random snores from bodies lying in random corners in the office

we’d fall asleep in the middle of dialogues

we’d hold our pee for the whole day and then remember afterward

we’d do squats while working to keep awake

we’d plea, beg, charm, persuade, argue, enroll people to buy into our cause (just not lie. We don’t lie)

we’d drive to office and forget we  even drove

The list goes on. I’d bet every individual has amusing stories to share. In the meantime, we’re considering publishing a second book tittled

“Wake me up”



  1. this is funny! hahaha =D

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