Posted by: pickmeupbook | January 18, 2008

While we are still tabulating the final results,

I thought I’d entertain everyone with >


1)Dionis Chiua 蔡艾蓁 – says:
i scream “wake up” really loudly while driving

>> as you can probably tell, she’s the one who falls asleep at traffic lights

2) Check out>>> We reached 10 million people yesterday!!! says:
i poke my nails into my skin

>> makes you wonder what Eileen would do to her kids in the future. Or husband.

3) -<< J*WaH >>– says:
stand and type?

>> Jannis’s uncertainty in her method obviously shows her high effectiveness rate

4) Alex Tay – After 24 hours, now 10K in 72 hours!! says:
doing star jumps when wanna fall asleep

>> …looks like we gota make you do more star jumps, Alex..

think of kelvin’s angry face and his ringing screaming

>> we ought to make him into plush toys and sit him on our work desks.

6) 2008 copies and beyond – THANK YOU says:
lots of Lindt Excellence dark chocolate bars in Madagascar, Cuba and Ecuador flavours, cooking green bean soup for everyone in the wee hours of the morning

>> we all need elves every now and then who cause food to mysteriously appear. No, i’m not referring to Khim in an elven get-up.

7) [TTB] Isaac: Pick me up Pick me up Pick me up. says:
actually, it’s red bull, followed by coke for the rest of the night.

>> Red bull and coke?!!!?

8) Don’t pick him…PICK ME PICK MEEEEE!!! says:
I scratch myself obsessively. And rub my face alot. I don’t know why I do that though ‘cuz it doesn’t really help.

>> If we rubbed your face hard enough, would a genie appear?

9) siong chee says:
do my kungfu kick to stay awake

>> Come to think of it…you do resemble the Donkey in Shrek…….

10) Richard…says:
you pair up with another person and slap each other until both of you wake up

>> You are angry, abusive, masochistic and a danger to the public. Go sit in the corner Richard.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, that was the prelude to our next epidemic hit, “Wake me up”- 1001 ways to go go.

We’re looking forward to being of such huge contributions to the world, forwarding individuals in their effectiveness and efficiency, thus forwarding organizations and industries, changing the motor of the world. Imagine, all that just from a pocket-sized book on 1001 ways to wake yourself up, for a low low price of US$ 59.99 US$5.99. BUT, BUY NOW and you will receive an ANGRY KELVIN PLUSH TOY you can put on your desk that automatically throws a tantrum every 30mins!! Be the first 1001 in the world to get it! Not found in stores, but batteries included! What a great deal!

Until next time, keep those zzz monsters coming!



  1. I want to have an ANGRY KELVIN PLUSH TOY. I’ll just
    run around with it and annoy the hell out of everyone. muahahah. i think it will make a good alarm clock too… though it will probably traumatize a couple of people to hear his screaming first thing in the morning, every morning. *shudder*

  2. What’s wrong with Red Bull and Coke? Millions of programmers and IT analysts inject into their bloodstreams one of these two or their variants by the litre each day.


  3. hahahahahaha…. Somehow, I can still remember his ANGRY ANGRY face ahhhhhhhh!!!

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