Posted by: pickmeupbook | January 21, 2008

[2003hrs]The Team Have Been Busy

To all the people out there,

How was your weekend? Don’t some of you find it strange that we didn’t have any post these 2 days?

Truth is, all of us are really maxed out. Especially for the sales team. They are running on overtime to ensure that all payments are cleared so that the books can be out on time for delivery. It seems as though that their hands got glued to either the keyboard or the phone. Dark patches linger around their eyes converting the office to panda-land!!

If you happen to receive a call by them, don’t be fooled by the cheerfulness of their voices. These ladies have really put in their hearts and souls to ensure that the back end is functioning. If you haven’t receive their call, then there are two possibilities.

1) you have made payment (like you should have)

2) you are on the long list of people that they will be calling up soon (so wait awhile more).

On the Internet side, there should be more things coming up, but no promise as the online team is quite stretched. Thank God they are made of rubber and that they are super elastic.

Check in for more updates,

Pick Me Up Team ; )


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