Posted by: pickmeupbook | January 23, 2008

[7:00pm, 23 Jan’ 08] Never Give Up on Your Dreams


It’s Yixin, your friendly blogger again! I’m the one in pink! =P

If you are visiting our blog for the 1st time, WELCOME!

Here’s a quick recap of our juicy happenings since last 11 January 2008, Friday…

1st 24-hr Challenge

  • Started on 11 Jan’ 08, Friday, to 12 Jan’ 08, Saturday, a group of 12 graduates from the coaching program, The Courage to Create, decided to embark on an impossible feat – to write, edit, publish, launch and sell a book (Pick Me Up) from scratch!
  • WHY DO THEY DO THAT? It’s because they set out on a mission to remind the world that it is possible to turn dreams into reality!
  • These 12 ppl. quickly formed an operation team and roped in their friends to support. Within that 24-hr, the operation team collected 42 life stories of how these amazing ppl. managed to overcome their struggles in life and make their dreams come true.
  • Within 24 hours, a baby (Pick Me Up Book) was born and launched globally!
  • Over 100 books were sold!!!

2nd 24-hr Challenge

  • The operation team decided to embark on a 2nd 24-hr challenge on 13 Jan’ 08, Sunday 1:11pm, to 14 Jan’ 08 Mon 1:11pm. This time, they aimed to sell 10,000 books within 24 hours!
  • ARE THEY CRAZY OR WHAT? Keep reading…
  • Within 24 hours, this small operation team created miracles. They created NEWS and the WORLD has been watching them since…
  • Within 24-hr, they were featured in My Paper, Channelnewsasia, MediaCorp Stations Channel 5, Channel 8,Channel U, and Suria, as well as Radio 93.8
  • Not only media coverage, they also managed to reach out to 10 million bloggers and social networks Worldwide!!!
  • Sold additional 53 ebooks.
  • Undaunted by their setback of only 53 ebooks, the operation team decided they wanted to tell the World that they will not give up, and they embarked on another 72-hour challenge!!!

72-Hr Challenge

  • This time round, they not just want to remind the world to make their dreams into reality, the operation team decided they wanted to make a difference to the terminally-ill children from Make-A-Wish-Foundation and make these children’s dreams come true too.
  • The operation team wants to donate 60% of all their net proceeds to Make-A-Wish-Foundation to help these kids. As for the remaining 40% of the net proceeds, it would go to a pooled fund to set up a social enterprise to make a BIGGER difference to the society.
  • 38 e-books + 1893 Hard-copy books sold. Featured in Catalog Magazine, IS Magazine, Singapore Radio Station LIVE 93.8, FM 95.8. Secured our first sponsor City Developments Limited (CDL). Website hits reached 10, 563.

    Final Result: 2084 Books

    TOTAL RAISED: S$56,395.60 (Excluding donations)

  • Remember this is the same operation team whom have been working on the 3 campaigns for the entire week. Their lives were disrupted and most of them have jobs or schools to attend. (As for me, I’m a final year undergrad. from SMU. There were days where I had to wear the same clothes for days! OMG! >_< )
  • Still short on their 10,000 books target. HOW???


  • Still committed to the dream of wanting to give the kids from Make-A-Wish-Foundation a BIG RED PACKET during Chinese New Year, the operation team decided to continue the 10,000 book sales GOAL
  • We’re still in the midst of fulfilling this dream.
  • If you have read this far, please support this good cause by either making a donation or supporting us in reaching the 10K book sales GOAL sooner!

Stay tuned to this page. I shall continue feeding you with our juiciest updates!


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