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Limited Stocks of the 2nd Edition of the book are still available.

For purchase or enquiries, please drop us an email at



  1. don’t dare to buy without seeing an excerpt.

  2. thanks for your feedback. We will upload a sample copy for download soon! Keep checking our website!

  3. Hi Ai Mee, you may download the sample copy on the top right hand corner of this page.

    Hope you enjoy reading!

  4. what’s the ebook (draft version) all about? do you mean we will be getting a ‘final’ version once it is ready? .. tx 😉

  5. Hi takeabreak, yes, we will have a “final” version once it is ready. If you have purchased an ebook, we would appreciate if you could provide a feedback about the book such that we can improve the edition.

    And YES, you will be getting a “final” version.

  6. Great!

  7. Hi,

    For supporting you all, i bought the ebook last night, but i did not click on the “Return to Pick Me Up” link. Could you send me the link to my email?


  8. Hi Jinchao, we’ve already emailed you your ebook!
    Thanks for your patience and kind support!

    May these 42 life stories remind you of your possibilities and how you too, are able to make your dreams into reality! =)


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